2.30am – Half Arc Mystery

2.30am. Guillermo howling. Strange dog screaming. Cats yowling. Me stumbling outside to save my dog from hyenas with a… broomstick? I find Guillermo standing beside a strange white fluffy dog. Strange dog is hurt, bleeding from the side, trying to get up, screaming in pain, making Guillermo howl. Assorted cats all over the place.

Guillermo to hurt dog: You have to tell my human who hurt you. She’s fearless. She’ll get them. I promise.

Hurt dog lies down in defeat: Whimper. Whimper. Hurt. Dying.

Me: Oh my God so much blood.

Stranger in the night possibly serial killer: That dog has been shot. Be careful. It might bite. Here let me help.

Mother: Huh? Julie…

Brother: What’s going on?

Watchman: O nini?

Guillermo lays head on hurt dog’s neck: Shhh, stay calm let them help.

Hurt dog: Whimper. Whimper. Hurt. Dying.

Me: Oh my God so much blood.

Stranger in the night possibly serial killer maybe new neighbour now kneeling beside dog with his hand in the gaping hole in hurt dog’s side: Ah, got it. Okay, get me a knife (to kill us all? Shouldn’t you like, bring your own knife) and a big needle (what?), and some thread. Oh shit, not sure I can hold this thing.. I need some spirit too. And someone get me a phone, I need to call a vet friend.

Mother disappears into house.

Brother covers me with a shawl.

Watchman: Eh!

Guillermo: Shhh. Soft comforting whimper.

Me: Oh my God So much Blood.

Stranger in the night, possibly serial killer, maybe new neighbour: Hey kid, I’m going to need your help here. (He is looking at me, why is he looking at me? I am not a kid! Oh my God, so much blood!)

Me: What. Oh my God, so much blood.

Mother comes back with assorted things. Pushes me aside (Thank God! I think I am going to faint!) They work on dog for a few minutes. Then hurt dog is being sewn up. Hurt dog only whimpers. Guillermo is firm with the neck thing. He glances at me once. I think my dog is disgusted by me.

My brother is instructed to make phone call, conversation on speaker phone. Vet lives in neighbourhood. On his way.

Me thinking: Whatever. Somebody shot a dog!

Stranger in the night, is next door neighbour’s son and an army medic I gather from conversation with mother. Still possibly a serial killer, maybe shooter (anyone hear Army?): I didn’t hear a gunshot. I just heard the dog screaming. I thought your dog got out and hurt himself or something.

Neighbours from the other 3 houses in the shared compound now walk into our backyard.

There’s a car at main gate. Honking. Lights flashing. Watchman mumbles and runs off.

Me Thinking: Somebody shot a dog. We are outside. Wait, man, how and when did you even get into our backyard? Somebody shot a dog!

Car stops outside our small gate. Guy rushes out with bag – maybe murder weapons, no, medical kit. Ok.

Conversations. Conversations.

Vet: I might have to open her up, but looks like you did a good job stopping the bleeding. I’m going to have to take her to clinic. Whose dog?

Blank stares. No one knows whose dog it is. It is a cute mix, I think. White fluffy hair.

Me: Somebody shot a dog.

Neighbour lady: Ai jamaneni. That is cruel!

Me: Somebody shot a dog. And we are all outside at 3.30am.

Neighbour guy: I didn’t hear a gunshot. Did you hear a gunshot? This dog probably ran a long way. I don’t know any neighbour who has this breed. I am in the neighbourhood watch. I know most people here. We aren’t so many.

Me thinking: Exactly. Somebody shot a dog in the great wide Savannah and we are just standing outside. What if the great Savannah serial killer comes and kills us all? (That would be a spree killer, but whatever, you get my drift.)

Vet and army medic load up dog into car with Guillermo’s help. I almost think Guillermo will go with them. But he walks back and stands next to my brother, eyeing me with *that* look.

Army guy, still possibly serial killer or shooter: We’ll check in with the cops after doc fixes her. Maybe someone in the neighbourhood was attacked. They can check.

Neighbours wandering off back to their homes. Brother pulls me into house. Mother sighs and goes off to wash off blood.

Guillermo still looks disgusted by me.

Me: What? There was so much blood. Don’t go around promising people, I mean, other animals, that I’ll be fearless.

Guillermo, lying down to lick paws. Totally disgusted by me.

Brother: You totally froze up.

Me: Somebody shot a dog! There was so much blood. And don’t gang up on me with the dog. What did you do?

Brother: Go back to bed. We’ll figure out what happened in the morning. When its daylight. And everyone is wearing more than lesos, pajamas and… Oh God, Julie, those shorts are short!

Me: Somebody shot a dog! There was so much blood.

Brother stumbles back to bedroom. Guillermo follows him (traitor!)

Mother: Phew! That was crazy! Come on! Back to bed!

Me: Somebody shot a dog!

Sadly, cute doggie had lost way too much blood and eventually died. We still have no idea where she came from, or how she got hurt. She might just feature as a half arc mystery in my new story.

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