I am NOT a non-conformist

Well, truth be told, though it is not much of a secret, there is something delicious about knowing that you are special, unique, different. And YET, the truth is that we are all quite the same in our own special, unique, different ways. An inescapable fact.

Anyway, so for the 100th time today, I had to tell someone that I am not learning spanish because I am enamored of the spanish soap operas raging on Kenyan TV now. Truth be said, what’s this obsession with truth? – I hate soap operas, and I hate the spanish soap operas/telenovellas even more.

Why? Well, I am an unromantic, pessimistic and very lazy bitch. I don’t believe in happily ever afters. I don’t think there is just one precious ONE for me out there. And the idea that love is so much hard work, mostly tears, and moving to new cities to get rich so you can come back and show down your true love’s relatives so you can win him back… too much work.

But if you know me, then you also know that I am the kind of girl who’s been in love with the same guy half my life, and honestly the only reason I haven’t married him is because… well, beyond me right now. The excuse I am using now is that my back hurts too much for me to walk down the aisle. And I am way too proud to go to my wedding in a wheel chair. Right, let’s see how long he’ll believe that one.

So what do I like? TV shows with non-conformist, beyond eccentric, definitely insane, almost-villain, lead characters. Dr. House. Patrick Jane. Dr. Hunt. Jacob Wood. Sam Cooper. Commander McGarrett. The list will go on…

Why? I have no idea. Maybe its because as tough as these characters are potrayed to be, they are also created with vulnerabilities. Which is me turned inside out, no? I wish 🙂

This need to be not-uniform, saw me wearing boy clothes when girls my age were playing dress up to look just like the Princess on that animated movie all the way from Disneyland. No, I never thought I was a boy. I actually like being a girl. But I wanted to tough, genius smart, super fit… and I worked for it. Somehow, I thought that to be those things, I’d have to be boyish. But that’s just because the world I lived in then potrayed boys and men as the only ones who could normally be tough and smart.

And then there’s the little thing about ‘girl clothes’ being horribly unsuited to certain activities that I love.

Now I live in a world where girls are scorned for being romantic, and so they shun the things they would have loved, watching dream romances, rags to riches stories in beautiful exotic lands. Smart tough girls watch soccer with the boys, go for top jobs, claim that they are tomboys and love books…

Now the world turned inside out.

You think I am rambling? Maybe.

My point is: I like Cop shows, hate soccer, love rugby, hate soap operas, love romantic comedies, wear worn out jeans and get scared at power suits, want to get married someday, want a small wedding (very), hate romance novels, love swamp murder mysteries, love ice cream, love yoga, hate aerobics…

It’s just who I am, I am not trying to fit into a certain bill, or not fit into one… I just am. And if you are absolutely opposite of me, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact. I think perhaps we could be really great friends.


One thought on “I am NOT a non-conformist

  1. “I am an unromantic, pessimistic and very lazy bitch” , this is so true for me so am going to steal it and use it on my Blog. So how come you have already found love and am still alone?


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