Courage in the Face of Fear and Despair

I’ve been walking about feeling just a little dazed and wondering how those who have lost loved ones are feeling in the face or murderous terror.

Knowing that human beings are only capable of becoming worse perpetrators of atrocities such as the Garissa attack doesn’t help.

Having hope and believing in something does not take away the immediate sense of loss and hurt.

So when I walked in on Owaahh working on the NotForgotten database I was still in selfish despair mode.

I asked him: “Doesn’t it depress you, working on all these names, realising that they are all human lives that we’ve lost, for senseless reasons?”

And he said: “Someone has to do it. Otherwise they will be forgotten in no time at all. So… someone has to do it.”

We need more of these brave souls – Morris Kiruga, Ory Okolloh and the many others who are leading the campaign to memorialise the 147, as well as all others we have lost in terror attacks – to remind us not to give in to fear, to keep going when things get tough, to keep changing our little corners of the world, by standing up against corruption and crimes against humanity and holding on to our sense of decency and humanity in the face of fear and despair.


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