Friendly Fire – #LupusAwareness

So the last few days I’ve been trying to ignore the fact that I may be a little more than the usual inflamed. Doc just confirmed that I’ve got another chest infection. And I went through the usual ‘Do I really have to take all those meds?’ routine.

The best I can and should do is take care of myself before the infection gets me. Diet, proper rest, exercise all play a part. As does medication. But every Lupie has to accept that when in flare you are more susceptible to infection than usual and way more than people with relatively normal immune systems.

It is always weird understanding, let alone explaining that the basic definition of any autoimmune disease is that your immune system turns against your own body. Friendly fire. 

This internal fight makes your system even more susceptible to outside attacks. Another thing I have to remind myself is that the medication I take is often also meant to inhibit disease activity – that is lower the activity of my immune system so it doesn’t attack my organs. Delicate balance.

Well, here we go. Take cover! Fire in the hole!


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