Roll the Dice, Babe – #LupusAwareness

Here’s the thing about Lupus – You probably have to see several doctors to manage the illness. It can be bloody expensive, so a good insurance cover is always a good thing.

In the last 12 months, I’ve seen an endocrinologist, a cardiologist, an ENT specialist and I’m likely to be seeing a demartologist soon. 

The year before I more than maxed out my insurance policy and ended up with horrendous debt. The only other option I have is to accept and suffer under the public health care system which means long endless hours at Kenyatta Hospital or some level 5 hospital. 

That’s the thing about living with Lupus in Kenya. While there are doctors who are qualified to manage autoimmune disease, often they are overstretched and frustrated in public health care systems. Thus the quality goes down and to make matters worse becomes frustrating to access.

The other side of the street isn’t much better. It is expensive, for one thing. But there is also the very real issue of the fact that Lupus is such a mysterious illness that even the best healthcare practitioners have to play the guessing game sometimes. Now, if this is happening in a commercialized system then things really go to the pits.

Balancing healthcare for a Lupus sufferer is a challenging gambling game at best. 


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