Thank You Very Much for Your Support #ThreeDaysofGratitude #Sheblossoms #LupusAwareness

My Dearest Friends,

Thank you so very much for coming out in numbers and for your support in words, cash, donations and presence towards the #Sheblossoms Lupus Awareness Day and Fundraiser.

From me, and from my family, our deepest gratitude! 

 I am particularly forever indebted to my friends, Anne Eboso – The Reading Mama and her husband and partner Ken Okongo, Wangari the Storyteller, Lucie Sedlackova – From Czech with all the love, Sisa Mabhena – From Slovakia with even more love, Denet Odhiambo, Ian Arunga, Michael Ikua, LtCeasar, Raph Ngunu, Julie Muriuki, Faith Linyonyi, Magunga Williams and Abigail Arunga, Kibali Moreithi, Morris Kiruga, Ngartia.

Friends in the arts and literary communities – Kinyanjui Kombani, Tony Mochama, Alexander Nderitu, Temo, Wemo Kitawa, More Argwings-Kodhek, Moraa Gitaa, Aleya Kassam, Muthoni Garland, Maimouna Jallow, Millie Dok, Ciru Ngethe, Dante and his group – The Three Guys, Gcho Pevu, Dorphan, Abraham Gumba, KIU the Band, Prisca Ojwang, Ayrosh, Chris Masika, CeEl, Rixpoet, Edgar Olando.

Special gratitude to Dr. Etau Ekwom for his presence and time with us at the awareness day.

The following groups brought their all – 1000 Rides, Velo Nitrous, Lupus Foundation of Kenya, PAWA254 as well as the management of All for Cars, Phoenix Publishers, Longhorn Publishers, Storymoja – I am humbled.

I would like to mention and appreciate my family for the support now and in the long term. My mum and my aunt Nduta and aunt Hannah. My cousins Wambui, Wanjiku, Wanjira, Judy, Eva and my little nieces and nephews. uncle Kimani and Uncle Gichanga, although you couldn’t make it to the event itself, I felt your love. Alexander Eichener, Anja Ansellmann – thank you, these last few months have been easier because of you. Pauline Munyi and Sony Kimani – thank you!

The #Sheblossoms event team will release a final report in the coming days. But until then, to all above, and to the many others whose names I may have missed – Asante Sana!

I don’t know what the next few months hold for me personally, but I know that I have donned the Purple Riding Hood and intend to fight and outwit the wolf (lupus) in every way I can. When appropriate, (I may still be a little way from getting a fully mapped route because funds still seem rather short for most of my options in medical care), I may inform you of some of these ways.

Remember, May is Lupus Awareness Month worldwide. Lend your voice to the fight against Lupus. Finding a cure begins with hope!


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