Know Lupus, Learn You – May is #LupusAwareness Month

I had a mini spa day courtesy of a friend. Nothing super fancy, just a hair cut, massage, mani-pedi, but oh how good it felt! 

After yesterday’s mini spa day, I’m seriously appreciating how far I’ve come with my lupus fitness fight. I’m not there yet, but I’ve come from a distance.

At the height of my lupus flare and Cushing’s Disease in October ’15, I weighed 125kgs, a lot of it water weight. My organs water clogged, my heart failing. 
In addition, my hormones were all over the place because of the damage to my adrenal system. All solutions suggested were drug based. One doc even told my mum I needed end-of-life counseling. 
Walking or exercising unassisted was not even remotely possible. But I started by youtubing bed asanas. Gosh, the pain! 
I paid a physiotherapist who was also a gym instructor with last bit of money I had for a while. Thankful that I live with mum. 
After about a month, mum paid for a gym membership for me. I started with 2 minutes on the treadmill and weight free movements. 
Getting to 15 minutes walking an average 4km/h speed took forever. But my lung capacity improved and I generally felt less pain. 
First time I hobbled a 2km stretch in 30 minutes felt like a miracle. Now I walk 3.6km in 30mins & run for intervals of up to minute. 
I added resistance, weights, dance aerobics & yoga to my week. Every session is painful. Afterwards, I feel stronger, have less pain. 
I Still have #Lupus, Cushing’s, Heart Failure & a few disorders in between. But I think fighting for fitness has improved prognosis.
My way works for me. My fitness / survival route cannot work for every other #lupus fighter. Know Lupus, Learn You.

P.S: You can take part in my Ask a Question Tuesday. Also look out for announcements on things that Sheblossoms and Friends will be doing for #LupusAwareness in Nairobi.

If you need help finding a Lupus Doctor, Support Group and the like, please feel free to check out Lupus Foundation of Kenya. You can contact them on Facebook and Twitter as well.


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