Just One More Little Delay – #LupusLife #OptionIndia

With no insurance, because once Lupus becomes a diagnosis, or even a suspicion, getting a new insurance cover is next to impossible, and having been forced by circumstances to let an old cover lapse, my medical care became near impossible to afford. I had, by February 2016, fully expended all my savings and resources on medical care since my Lupus crash which started in April 2015 and peaked on 21st September with a major cardiac event. I have at this time very nearly used up all of my mom’s financial reserves, too. She continues to be so strong emotionally through all this. I am thankful for that.

Which is why I so am glad that at this point, with your help, we have been able to raise the full amount BLK Super Specialty Hospital quoted for all the preliminary testing and medical management of Cushings’s Disease and Early Stage Heart Failure with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. I am really grateful to my employer, Storymoja, and in particular Muthoni Garland for the support over the months. I am grateful to Anne Eboso and the She Blossoms team Wangari Grace, Julie Muriuki, Lucie Sedlackova, Denet Odhiambo, Ikua Kabucho, Sisa Mabhena, Faith Linyonyi, Robert Ngunu because with their help and support, as well as their efforts to Marshall your support, I have continued to receive medical care here and to raise funds for the process in India.

A few weeks ago, a well wisher promised 75% of our ticket fare, which meant that we reserved a very small part of the funds we have raised, through donations and other sources, for the flight tickets. We’ve had quite a bit of a wait for those tickets, hence what seems like one more delay every day. Unfortunately, that promise fell through yesterday for some strange reason I cannot yet comprehend right now. It is well, anyhow.

What it means is just one more little wait as my family and I, mostly my family, works to put together funds for mine and my mum’s flight tickets. As soon as that is done, I’ll be off on this medical journey that I have made you a part of. If you know of a way to assist with this, we would be eternally grateful. You can contact my mum on 0722580936. 

My experience makes me feel even more obligated to keep my promise made through She Blossoms. To help make Lupus more visible, to raise awareness of its effects, to be part of efforts to encourage early diagnosis and make available resources (insurance, reliefs, information programs) to assist Lupus patients manage their condition, and lastly to encourage Lupus research and higher standards of care within Kenya.

You can now donate to Juliet Maruru’s Medical Bills Fund on Mchanga.

For now: Love & Light to You All.


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