Chapter Two – #Lupus Crisis Management (#OptionIndia)

As I prepare for my second trip to New Delhi, I am reminded of how I got here. It is not even possible to mention everyone who has supported me through this journey. Just know how grateful I am from the depths of my soul.

If I had any doubts about my willingness to fight and survive Lupus, those doubts are continually challenged by the awareness that I must honor this love shown to me by living long enough to pay back the universe with some good.

Allow me to mention just one this time: Peter Elungat showed me such immense kindness and generous its by donating his beautiful work of art to my medical fundraiser. By coincidence, this work also reflects my main love – books & literature. It is called *The Untold Story*.

The Untold Story

The Untold Story

You can contact Elizabeth Maruru (mom) on 0722580936 for purchase and viewing information. However, since mom will be accompanying me as my caregiver to New Delhi, it might be prudent to drop an email to and I’ll direct you to the person left in charge of the painting.

Peter’s generousity was followed by two more donations of works of art as well as cash donations which have topped up what my family had raised and now make it possible for me to make the second trip to New Delhi. I am aware that we are still a few thousands short of the estimated cost of my medical care. I don’t know how this gap will be filled, but I am grateful for all the kindness this far.

As at this time, whatever does happen,  my family is dedicating a percentage of the sale of all paintings donated to my fundraiser to #LupusAwareness, patient support and patient advocacy (under She Blossoms). In addition, whatever amount left from the proceeds of the sale of the paintings (after treatment and management of the current Lupus Crisis I am undergoing now) will also be dedicated when the time is appropriate to Lupus Awareness.

Lupus is a life long chronic illness. I’ll have good days and bad days too. But the story of how I, along with many other survivors, live and love as long as we are alive – that story is yet to be told in full.

In a few hours, I will check in at BLK Super Specialty Hospital in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. The second chapter of this cycle of Lupus Care begins under my rheumatologist and the other doctors. I am grateful we’ve come this far.

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