Bring Carol Home – Lupus Diaries

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it now, Lupus is an incredibly challenging journey. Every single Lupus survivor I know is an amazingly tenacious soul. It’s the only way to keep on the journey of life while coping with everything Lupus throws at you. Be tenacious and resilient at heart. ♥ ♥ ♥

A few weeks ago,  Nelly Mwendwa contacted me about her cousin, Caroline Mumbua, who has been fighting extra hard to survive Lupus. If you watched my life profile on BrandPlus TV you may have heard me say that firstly, Lupus doesn’t just affect the person who is sick, it affects the entire family or persons who love the sick person. Caroline Mumbua’s family has been affected by her illness emotionally, physically and financially.

The second thing I noted was how expensive living with Lupus is. It drains everything. The choice is between going without medical care and suffering from an autoimmune disease that keeps getting worse everyday until you die, or using up thousands and thousands of shillings every day. Let’s allow Caroline to tell us her story:

“My dear friends, my name is Caroline Mumbua. I’m 24 years old. I am currently in India as I was diagnosed with a disease called Lupus. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks the healthy tissue. This results in symptoms such as inflammation, swelling, and damage to joints, skin, kidneys, blood, the heart, and lungs.

Before being referred to India for treatment, my family had spent close to 2 million shillings in a bid to save my life. Now in India, Lupus is getting suppressed but Doctors are no longer willing to treat me because I currently owe the hospital 3 million shillings.
My father passed away in June last year (2015) and my mother is with me in India while my only close relatives are working night and day to get money and pay for my medicine, regular dialysis (done weekly)and surgeries. It weighs heavily on them. It breaks my heart to see people I love struggle so much to take care of me.

I have fought to live because I am a strong lady; my family has fought with me and continue to do so because they believe in me, and I kindly request you to fight with me too.

Prior to my illness I had just graduated from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and I still strongly believe that I am coming back home to heal and get started on my career as an editor.

I want to come back home but I need your help to do so. ”

Several attempts have been made to raise funds to Bring Caroline Mumbua. This time Kenya Lupus & Kidney Foundation in conjunction with Share Love and IncreativesKe have planned a fun event titled Bring Carol Home Photo Shoot at the Nairobi Arboretum on November 27th from 9am. Please show your support for a fellow Kenyan and amazing Lupus warrior. Please see the image below on who to contact for more details.


You can also donate direct to Mpesa Pay bill 891300 Account 8557. See other options in image below.


To Caroline Mumbua,  from a fellow Lupie who has come home from on New Delhi, India and is still on the long journey of Lupus Chemotherapy: Have Faith, and Hope, and Courage. You can do it.

To everyone else, Lupus is a cruel chronic disease. We need your support to raise awareness, to call for more in country research and better medical care.

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One thought on “Bring Carol Home – Lupus Diaries

  1. Wishing Caroline well. Quick recovery. You are a real will live to tell of God’s doing.


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